Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hey, I'm kinda back.

Hi! Sorry for being a bad blogger. :< I know I promised last May that I would update it from time to time but laziness always strikes me. Plus, I'm just using my mom's extra laptop which kinda sucks because it takes forever to load. Anyway, Starting today I will really really try my best to update my blog more often. 

ps: I always update my instragram so maybe you can follow me there - @hannahmagsayo
pps: I'm excited to blog my recent out of the country trips - Indonesia & Singapore

I miss blogging :> 
Lovelots; Hannah

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

my first week in Indonesia part 1

Hello! Finally, I can share you now the pictures that I took during my first week here. But, my laptop has no photoshop right now so meaning all the pictures that I will post starting today until my last day here will be unedited. :)

How mas my first week here?

Basically, Indonesia is likely similar or maybe 80% similar with my country, Philippines-  from the people, weather and specially setting of the place. So I was not really having a hard time on adjusting here. But, their food is really really really really spicy!! Like, during my second day here, I cried while having my delicious dinner because the food was very spicy. And mostly, people here won't eat pork since 90% here are muslims so I'm stuck eating chicken, beef, fish, goat and tofu (mind you, I'm not a tofu kind of person)

One thing I observed here in Indonesia specially in Jakarta was that you can find trees everywhere. Seriously, even in the business area of Jakarta where you can find buildings and other stuffs still you can find bunch of trees there.From that, you can still breathe fresh air despite of the city's pollution. Talking about the city, jakarta is really a crowded city. It has a population of maybe 15million, so thats explain the crazy traffic jam here! I mean really traffic jam! (goal: take a picture of the traffic jame here) That's crazy, huh.

And they've got around I think 100 malls in the city and each mall has a modern design. Yay! I love their malls here because the interior designs are so amazing and you can find anything in their malls, from high-end brands to cheap ones. You can find foods in Jakarta like really everywhere (streetfoods, cafes, beer garded, restaurant). Too bad they don't have Filipino resto here.  *cries*

Mmm, so what else? Ahh! Wait on my next post, I will write more there about my crazy and fun adventure here! Ya know, I will organize first my thoughts! haha My brain is not really working right now because of too much stories that I need to share with you guys. 

My new indonesian friends. 

See? Trees are everywhere

More trees

Football stadium. Fact: People here love footballs. So stfu if you will talk NBA here. haha omg noooo. 

See? The malls here have the coolest interior design!!!!

outside the parking lot.

Hope you had fun while reading this post! Can't wait to share some stories :)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My life here in Indonesia via Instagram

Hello lovely readers!!! I'm so sorry for not updating my blog. I just don't have time this past few months since I was processing some travelling papers and I am enjoying my life here in Indonesia.  Anyhoo, I am almost a month here in Indonesia but I kinda miss Philippines T__T 

If you want more update with me, you can follow me on my instagram account : @hannahmagsayo

I hope I will not get busy this week, Can't wait to show you guys the pictures that I took with my camera :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cebu x Film

Ayala, Basilica Church

I brought along as always my film camera on my recent vacation with the family. I absolutely love the beauty of film photography! It gives me excitement specially when the roll of film is about to process. Moving on, these are the set of photos I took using my film camera during our vacation in Cebu City. I don't know why the photos are not really good. I mean, as you can see there are a fog effect on the pictures. Uggh, I don't know what happened. Maybe on how I put the film on the camera? 

See? There is a foggy effect on the photo but still I love how it turns out. 

Endless roadtrip with the fambam, 7:00 am flight
Sayonara Cebu! Hope to see you again! Thanks for welcoming me! 

Hope you love the photos as much how I love them!


Friday, March 8, 2013


I wanna drive this!!
It looks like I'm in Korea. Like seriously, it really looks like. 
Inner tube, Forever 21
Loose Top, Forever 21
Tights, Department store
Slippers, Havaianas// Shoes, SM Parisian
Aztec bag, Thrift store

My outfit during on our second day  in Cebu City. This outfit is the comfiest I had during the trip. Ya know, wearing a loose top is very advantage because it can hide your big tummy specially when you are full. See? My flabs aren't visible on the picture. haha! 

Have a nice day! Hope you like my simple orange outfit! :)